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MAC DADDY – The Fleetwood Mac Experience Returns to The Bailey Theatre

The Bailey Theatre presents: MAC DADDY – The Fleetwood Mac Experience

Every song evokes a memory. Every lyric takes you back.
MAC DADDY – The Fleetwood Mac Experience celebrates the music of Fleetwood Mac with integrity and passion. This is a Fleetwood Mac live experience that pays homage to the classic line-up of the band, with respect for its artistry and influence on popular music and culture.

You’ll hear all the songs you know so well, as well as some classic tracks Fleetwood Mac has never played live. MAC DADDY performs Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits from the ‘70s and ‘80s, and even touches on their early years as a British blues band.
It’s time to get your Mac on. Its time for MAC DADDY!

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TerZettto Brings The Laughs


A high tempo, high action show mixed with family friendly jokes!

By Amielle Christopherson

The last time the members of TerZettto performed the show was last December, but member Etienne Audent isn’t concerned. According to him, the show is about the cast themselves, just turned up and more dramatic. They will simply be slipping into roles they’ve practiced their entire lives for.

“We know the show. The show is kind of based on us. It’s going to be easy to get back into it,” he said. The group will be getting together and practicing, working on their blocking. “It’s just going to be timing wise, making sure we have the right timing and are hitting the right spots. Because there’s a lot of stuff flying around, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, so we have to be on point.”

Audet explained that the show is “us to the extreme, but it’s still us. So it’s giving that to people and hopefully they will like it, hopefully they will like us.” The troupe’s goal is to bring joy to people and make them laugh for the hour and help them forget about their problems, even if it’s just for a short time.

The show, which is part of the Lougheed’s Fountain Tire Free All Ages series, will combine elements of clowning with jokes and daring and Audet says the aim is to get laughs from everyone, which isn’t always the easiest task.

“It’s just to make sure everyone finds something they can relate to,” he said. “For children, it’s not easier but it’s more simple. I don’t want to say that anything will make them laugh, but anything if done properly will make them laugh.” He added that, teenagers are probably the hardest group to make laugh. “Teenagers, they don’t like anything. Finding a way where they can relate to us is also a good challenge,” he said with a chuckle.

For adults, the trick is to integrate some mature humour with the family friendly jokes and clowning, things that adults will get that kids won’t. Audet is confident they’ve found the right mix to make everyone laugh, including the adults. “Every time we have a show on the weekends, we always hear adults laugh. Or even if we do the school show, we hear the teachers laugh at some stuff and we know that, ‘Okay, the teacher has a student who acts like I am right now.’ It’s trying to find a way where everyone can relate to you.”

The characters, three clumsy clowns, use wood props for their show, so the audience can expect a few boo-boos thrown in, which always gets people to laugh during the high tempo, high action show.

“Kids love that!” said Audet. “They do laugh when someone gets hurt. We don’t get hurt, but, you know. I’ll knock on wood for sure, but we’re lucky enough to know our craft and have enough time to get ready before that when we are on stage and when we’re performing and everything goes well.”

The stop in Camrose will be part of the group’s 12 city, 20 day tour. It will be Audet’s first time in Alberta and he’s excited to see the province and meet the people.

“It’s going to be my first time in Alberta, so I’m really excited to see it,” he said. “I really want to get and meet the locals. We’re really excited to just meet the people and make them laugh.”

TerZettto will be performing at the Lougheed Performing Arts Centre Sept. 29 at 2 p.m. The show is free, but the audience will need a ticket to get in. Get your tickets by going online to: or calling the Box Office at: 780-608-2922.

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Dynamic cabaret duo will get you in the holiday spirit

By Jessica Ryan

Attendees at the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre launch will not only be the first to find out what exciting events are coming to Camrose next season, but will also be treated to a free performance by Edmonton-based Strictly Business Theatre, the cabaret pairing of musical theatre adepts Kelsey Visscher and Kayla Nickel.

Visscher took some time to describe what Strictly Business is all about and hint at what is in store for theatregoers on June 20 (answers have been edited for length):

What does a Strictly Business performance entail?

For us, cabaret is a series of songs, sometimes some dancing, and we tie it together with stories, jokes and fun facts about us. We like to share as much as we can with the audience about us as people and performers. It’s a fun, casual night. We really like to get people out who don’t usually go to live performances.

How did it all come about?

(Five or six years ago) we had just graduated from Grant MacEwan university’s theatre arts program, and we wanted to further our studies in New York. So we decided, since New York is so stinking expensive, that we should put on a cabaret as a fundraiser. People kept asking when our next one was, so we decided to do some more, and here we are!

Are there things you learned while studying in New York that you incorporate into your shows?

For sure. General acting tips, our different voice teachers would help us with performing different styles and people there recommended songs that made it into shows. Seeing different shows definitely inspired us to do a few different little bits or different songs. We did get the chance to see a more cabaret-style show at a really famous cabaret venue there, so that was cool, just to see how that happens in a big city like New York and how we can bring that back here.

What do you hope your audiences experience at your shows?

We hope they get to know us a little bit. And a lot of times theatre is seen as a very hoity-toity type thing, so we want to make it more casual again, make it fun. If we can make them feel things — whether it be happy, sad, make them maybe learn something new about a situation — and just have a good time, go home and enjoy the people they were with, enjoy what they saw, enjoy what they drank and ate, then we’re happy.

What do you have planned for the performance in Camrose?

We’re hoping to make people laugh. A really big thing we have learned at our Christmas shows is people tell us that’s what gets them in the Christmas spirit, so I think that’s definitely started to inform the songs we choose to do and how we decide to do them. I guess our No. 1 goal is to entertain people, No. 2: get people in the Christmas spirit and just have a good time.

What are some of your all-time favourite songs to sing?

We always, at Christmas, like to do an Elvis tribute. We have a couple classic Christmas songs; The Christmas Song is one of our favourites. We’re really big fans of the Andrews Sisters and that era, so we have a couple of those that are some of our favourites to perform. They’re hard work, but they’re so worth it once you get them.

See Strictly Business showcase their cabaret at the Lougheed Centre’s Season Launch on Thursday, June 20th. This is a free event and no tickets are needed to attend. Come early (6pm) if you would like a facility tour. For more information, call the box office at 780.608.2922