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Johnny Summers Little Big Band in Forestburg

The Johnny Summers Little Big Band is on tour this year throughout Alberta! Join us for a crazy fun and humorous night with singer/songwriter Johnny Summers exploring a HUGE range of music including Jazz, Soul, New Orleans Music, Originals, Funk, Standards, Pop, Rock, and so much more.

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Johnny Summers Little Big Band in Lloydminster

The Johnny Summers Little Big Band is on tour this year throughout Alberta! Join us for a crazy fun and humorous night with singer/songwriter Johnny Summers exploring a HUGE range of music including Jazz, Soul, New Orleans Music, Originals, Funk, Standards, Pop, Rock, and so much more.

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Horizon Stage Presents: The Emeralds

The Emeralds Show and Dance Band are proud to hail from Edmonton. The group has entertained audiences in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Trinidad, the United States, and across Canada. During their 48 years in the music business they have recorded 29 albums, received six gold, two platinum, and one double platinum awards, and been nominated for four Junos. In 1997 The Emeralds were inducted into the City of Edmonton’s Cultural Hall of Fame. They are the band behind the International polka hit “The Bird Dance”, a staple at parties and weddings around the world. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na…

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Cathy Jones & Bruce McCulloch

Expect to miss some of the rapid-fire material when Cathy Jones and Bruce McCulloch invade The Arden Theatre with their latest stand-up shows in a “not to be missed” double bill. The truth is, you’ll be laughing so hard, that you might not catch every punch line these two superstar figures in Canadian comedy deliver.

A little bit of Codco, a dash of Kids in the Hall, and a pinch of what made This Hour Has 22 Minutes so successful, are just part of the recipe that makes an evening with these comic geniuses so irresistible.

Cathy Jones

Just when you thought life might not be so funny anymore, Cathy Jones hit the stage again with her signature brand of gender-bending, side-splitting comedy straight from the depths of her mind.

Fresh off the heels of her hilarious Stranger to Hard Work, The Impossible Cathy Jones Rides Again! is a best medicine prescription for a sick world. Don’t miss an evening with this genuinely delightful and deeply funny treasure.

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Funding Increase for Calgary Arts Sector

Civic Coalition Drives Unprecedented Funding Increase for Calgary Arts Sector

December 11, 2018 (Calgary, AB) – Creative Calgary, a non-partisan civic coalition of artists, arts executives, philanthropists and city builders, is celebrating a major step forward for Calgary’s artists and arts organizations due to an unprecedented increase in funding for the sector. City Council has approved a plan to double Calgary Arts Development grants from $6.4 million in 2018 to $12.45 million in 2019, with further increases reaching $15.9 million by 2022.

This investment elevates Calgary from one of the lowest arts funders per capita – behind Edmonton and Winnipeg – to one of Canada’s leaders, alongside Vancouver and Toronto.

Creative Calgary was initiated by community members Christine Armstrong and Irfhan Rawji, who approached Mary Rozsa de Coquet (Rozsa Foundation), and Donna Livingstone (Glenbow Museum) to form the campaign advisory group.

“We recognized early in 2017 that the municipal election cycle and 2019-2022 budget was the opportunity. We contacted every municipal candidate in 2017 and met with dozens to convey a clear and consistent message: Pledge to work towards an investment from the City that positions Calgary’s arts organizations to lead nationally and acts as a magnet for business and creative talent. We were confident heading into 2018 that over half of the newly elected City Council supported this position” says Irfhan Rawji, Creative Calgary Co-Chair and CEO of Calgary-based tech startup MobSquad.

Creative Calgary built broad arts sector support, with the City’s largest “Cornerstone” arts organizations represented on its advisory group alongside small arts organization independent artist representatives.

  • Thousands of Calgarians joined Creative Calgary, pledging support, writing letters to candidates and volunteering.
  • 60+ Calgary civic leaders signed on to Creative Calgary’s open letter to municipal candidates.

For our part, Creative Calgary first worked to bring the arts sector together around an audacious goal, and then reached out to city agencies and institutions to find win-win strategies to help move Calgary forward. In response, City Council showed real leadership in its significantly increased investment in arts and culture. says Mary Rozsa de Coquet, Creative Calgary Co-Chair and President of the Rozsa Foundation.

This is the most significant show of confidence from City Hall that the sector has seen in over a decade in regard to how meaningful a role the arts sector plays in the economic and social development of our city,” says Calgary Arts Development President and CEO Patti Pon. “We extend our gratitude to Creative Calgary and to all of the artists, arts administrators, and volunteers who were instrumental in communicating the need for additional funding.

Creative Calgary is a non-partisan group committed to working with Council to ensure the City’s budget maximizes local jobs for artists and positions Calgary’s arts organizations to lead nationally.  Its advisory group and supporters represents a diverse cross-section of interests, including business leaders, arts organizations and creative technologists. Creative Calgary was generously supported by the Calgary Foundation and community contributions.

Shari Wattling, Project Coordinator, Creative Calgary

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Back Porch Swing at St. Albert Community Hall

Working from a palette that draws on the timeless sounds of Billie Holiday, Doc Watson and Bill Monroe, Back Porch Swing has formed the foundation of Alberta’s roots music scene for the past 15 years. Jim Malmberg, who fronts the group with his wife Penny, calls the quartet’s blend of western swing, bluegrass, and folk – ”cowjazz”, because of the inspiration they draw from a wide range of musical genres.

Penguin Eggs, Canada’s roots music bible, proclaimed their album Riding “witty, humorously charming lyrics mixed with tasty playing.” Back Porch Swing’s hot licks, tight harmonies and funny lyrics delivered in an ever-changing musical style will surely leave you a fan.

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The Unsyncables

The Unsyncables, an entertaining play written by Rebecca Merkley, is the story of three young synchronized swimmers who rise to the top — unless, of course, they’ve forgotten their water wings. The clunky Juniper, Mary and Olga can’t even manage to sync up a high five. With plenty of obstacles in the way, the three set out to win a medal at the annual Insyncathon. Unfortunately, their friendship is put to the test when Mary runs into her old teammate Twyla, who is determined to make waves. The Unsyncables received a Sterling Nomination for Best Fringe Production and enthusiastic media and patron reviews.

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Horizon Stage Presents: The Purple Pirate’s Magic Pirate Ship

Munchkin Matinee: Magic and Dance for Very Young Audiences
All hands on deck! The Purple Pirate is hunting for treasure and needs a crew… and that’s you! The ship will set sail for untold bounty with magic, dancing, and even a cannon! The Purple Pirate’s Magic Pirate Ship is a perfect storm of family fun. This unforgettable voyage will have adults laughing and children leaping to their feet to volunteer with the world’s friendliest buccaneer, The Purple Pirate.

Dustin Anderson, aka The Purple Pirate, is an award-winning performer who sails into town and inspires children with positive messages about courage, compassion, and curiosity. The Purple Pirate’s show is an innovative theatre-style dance production that re-defines what it means to be a pirate in the twenty-first century. It showcases Dustin’s artistry as a dancer, his wizardry as a magician, and his ability to inspire kids and promote positive values.
Recommended Age: toddlers to age 6

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Bassano Arts Council hosts The Derina Harvey Band

Fearless front-woman Derina Harvey leads this Alberta-based five-piece Celtic rock group, who offer an authentic east-coast experience with a fresh take on traditional tunes as well as their own original jigs and reels. Their rocky, rhythmic undertow is layered with guitars, fiddle, and topped by Derina’s powerful voice. These transplanted east-coasters have earned a reputation with their high-energy live show, leaving many an audience out of-breath and hollering from their seats!