Agents, Agencies, and Managers Membership

$90.00 / year

Membership ideal for Individual Agents, Agencies, and Artist Management Organizations looking to impact the arts touring industry in Alberta

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The Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta is dedicated to providing professional presenters in Alberta with the right tools and support to reach out to the very best in touring performers in the region. In part, we do this by working with the performers – providing them with information and networking opportunities to connect directly with presenters.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Listing in and access to Alberta Touring Directory, a comprehensive listing of touring artists, community presenters, service organizations and agents. This valuable resource allows presenters to locate artists and network with other presenters and helps artists be proactive in their approach to touring.
  2. Receive our monthly newsletter, DeTour
  3. Consultation and development opportunities
  4. Discounts on Alberta Showcase registration, regional networking for presenters, and professional development workshops
  5. Take advantage of our insurance package
  6. Determine if you are ready to tour by getting professional feed back at OnStage each spring.
  7. Have access to the presenting membership online
  8. Promote your gigs through the touring calendar