Sandra Bouza

Contact: Margot Holmes
Phone: 250-729-5951
Booth: 25

Most of the music we listen to never really gets under our skin. As pleasant and catchy as it may be, it skims along the surface, like a stone skipping across water. Every now and then, if we are really lucky, we encounter an artist like Sandra Bouza who gets right down into our blood and bones. An artist whose voice stops us in our tracks. You can hear echoes of Etta James and Carla Thomas in Bouza’s powerful and highly nuanced phrasing.
Like Amy Winehouse and Adele, Sandra’s absorbed a lot from listening to the greats from the Golden Age of R&B, but like them, she has emerged with a style that is all her own. Gifted with a masterful sense of poise and control, few singers can inhabit a vocal like Bouza does.