OnStage: Artist Applications

OnStage gives musicians, singers, and performing groups an opportunity to meet with a panel of professional musicians and community presenters who are all familiar with Alberta Showcase. Artists present a 10-minute showcase then get feedback from each of the panelists. The panel will react to the performance, critique promotional materials, and can also recommend future directions for artists.

Artist Applications for the OnStage Workshops are subject to a $25 processing fee plus applicable taxes

How do I apply?

Contact kennedy@artstouring.com to pay your application fee and send the completed application form and support materials.

OnStage performance slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
There are only 6 performance slots available per workshop so get your application in today!

Space is limited and subject to the terms and conditions listed below.



OnStage Terms & Conditions

No incomplete applications will be considered. Submission constitutes acceptance and acknowledgement of the following terms and conditions of applying for and/or acceptance of a slot at one of the OnStage Workshops. This application does not represent a commitment by Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta to provide a performance slot.

Confirmation must be received within 5 days of offer to perform.  All accepted applicants must provide suitable promotional materials to panelists and industry stakeholders in attendance. No promotional materials may be posted on any walls.

Each OnStage Venue will have a small p.a. system with mic’s, monitors, and d.i. boxes. Backline will include a drum kit and bass amp. Any other instrumentation must be provided by the artist.

Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta assumes no responsibility for costs associated with OnStage. Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta reserves the right to use OnStage artists submitted images and content for the promotion of the OnStage Workshops.

If a selected act is unable to appear, no substitutions will be permitted for its performance slot. The selection committee will establish a list of alternates from the original applications. Cancellation by an agent or promoter does not guarantee that agent/promoter the opportunity to fill the vacant performance slot.