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T. Buckley

T. Buckley Contact: Joanna MarattaPhone: 250-505-4263Email: joanna@cubbyholeartists.comWeb: www.tbuckley.caBooth: 18 Award-winning songwriter T. Buckley stands quietly among a disappearing ilk of

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Spandy Andy

Spandy Andy Contact: Spandy Andy RimerPhone: 403-396-5446Email: spandy@spandyandy.comWeb: www.spandyandy.comBooth: 38 Spandy Andy uses zany dance moves, a quirky personality, and

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Sandra Bouza

Sandra Bouza Contact: Margot HolmesPhone: 250-729-5951Email: margot@caline.comWeb: www.sandrabouza.comBooth: 25 Most of the music we listen to never really gets under

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Sammy Volkov

Sammy Volkov Contact: Sammy VolkovPhone: 780-200-4975Email: sammyvolkovmusic@gmail.comWeb: www.sammyvolkov.comBooth: 37 Record collecting left American-Canadian Sammy Volkov with a flair for old-fashioned

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Piano Heist

Piano Heist Contact: Margot HolmesPhone: 250-729-5951Email: margot@caline.comWeb: www.pianoheist.comBooth: 25 Lifelong friends, Nico Rhodes and Patrick Courtin, shocked and appalled by

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Paul Woida

Paul Woida Contact: Paul WoidaPhone: 780-619-9236Email: paulwoida@live.comWeb: www.paulwoida.caBooth: 33 Paul Woida is a “one man band” who replicates the full

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Over the Moon

Over the Moon Contact: Craig BignellPhone: 519-590-7718Email: overthemooncontact@gmail.comWeb: www.overthemoonband.comBooth: 32 Alberta’s JUNO Awards-nominated, Over The Moon, are totally immersed in

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Notas de 4

Notas de 4 Contact: Silvia TemisPhone: 647-899-1034Email: silvia.temis.flamenco@gmail.comWeb: www.silviatemis.comBooth: 31 Notas de 4 is Calgary’s original Latin Jazz ensemble, winner

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