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Bud Edgar, Joker & Trick Roper 

“Bud is a True Entertainer in the Style of Will Rogers” Brooks Public Library .The Edgars own a Cattle Brand that goes back to 1882. Bud played Cowboy as a kid and wanted to be one when he grew up. Well he never grew up, but he still plays Cowboy.Bud moved to Calgary when his parents separated. He has studied and taught at United States Clown and Variety Arts schools. From those and other life experiences, plus lots of spit and polish, he has developed a Comedy Cowboy show.

” A Must SEE Show ! ” Taber Cowboy Festival . Being “Almost Famous” since 1983, he has performed from a theme Park in Dubai to annually at the Calgary Stampede, Calgary’s Heritage Park and Edmonton’s Farm Fair / the Canadian Finals Rodeo, with many stops between, always making a lot of people laugh. ” Everyone enjoyed Bud’s Shows ” The Calgary Stampede . He was even invited to perform his poem about Roy Rogers at an event during the 2011 Canadian Finals Rodeo on what would have been Roy’s 100th birthday. This poem has now been turned into a song. Bud’s Bunkhouse has also been heard on Calgary’s Classic Country AM 1060. Bud received a Legendary Award from Ivan Daines. Hugh McLennan has been using some of his jokes of his Spirit Of The West Radio Show plus Hugh did the voice work on Bud’s latest Promo Video.Also he has been featured on Hugh McLennan’s The Spirit of the West Radio Show.  ” Bud is the Best Joker & Trick Roper in the World, in his Price Range ” Hugh McLennan. Bud Edgar,  Joker & Trick Roper is a one of a kind act. Dressed like an Old Time Silver Screen Cowboy, Bud’s show is a mix of skill and comedy, like The Lost Cowboy Art of Trick Roping, Poetry, Spur Juggling, a Funny Fiddle, and Western Humor. He is available for atmospheric Trick Roping as well as stage and strolling shows, plus hands on activities and photo opportunities. ” Bud performs a Clean Family Show ” Canadian Rodeo Cowboys Association. Bud is “Living His Dream “and has performed for all ages at a lot of different venues, and for lots of folks that wanted some good clean western fun at a reasonable price. Hockey Canada said “ Bud will Exceed your WILD WEST Expectations “ 

See www.Buddy.ca     Calgary