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Young Audience Directory

The Young Audience Directory is a free directory comprised of Performing Artists and Artists in Residency.

If you are a school, community presenter, festival or library looking for Artists, you’ll want to check out this directory.

*      Denotes out-of-province artist touring in Alberta
(B)  Denotes bilingual artist (French / English)

Other Sources

Our directory listing isn’t the definitive source for young audience and family friendly artists, so if none of the artists below meet what you are looking for please have a look at some of our provincial arts partners.

KBAM! Kevin Bruce Arts Management

Both a booking agency and production company, KBAM! has built a loyal roster by working closely with artists who feel called to develop shows for young audiences in schools.”

Booking Contact: Kevin Bruce –

Pebble Star Artists

“Pebble Star Artists is a boutique booking agency located in Vancouver, B.C., representing the best in family-friendly entertainment with a small roster of acclaimed artists including CBC Kids TV star & Juno nominee Will Stroet and family folk-singer Ginalina, recently named the 2017 Children’s Artist of the Year by the Western Canadian Music Awards.”

Booking Contact: Kim Thé –

Karima Essa *

Karima’s vision is to allow children to experience the pure magic and joy of dance and storytelling through the fun expressions and movement of Bollywood dance. Children are inspiring to her because they are uninhibited and dance from the heart – and this is at the heart of every Bollywood Star!”

Booking Contact: Kim The –

SoundKreations Inc. (B)

We are an in-school program provider that breathes life and relevance into dance and poetry units. We are comprised of the top instructors and professional dancers in the Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver communities, trained specifically for the school environment.”

Booking Contact: Jordan Dack –

Three Left Feet Movement Creations

Three Left Feet are High-Energy-Performers and Go-Anywhere-Teachers. We travel  throughout Alberta using our love of DANCE to communicate the value of learning through the arts. Our movement programs are featured in schools, children’s festivals and all-ages events like the City of Calgary’s annual New Year’s Eve bash at City Hall.”

Booking Contact: Allara Gooliaff –

6 Minute Warning

6 Minute Warning is a Canadian vocal group based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The group consists of six members with extensive backgrounds in rock, pop, jazz, classical, and choral music.”

Booking Contact: Brett Ludwig –


Darcy Stamp

Darcy Stamp is a dynamic classical crossover violinist who has recorded and performed with a multitude of renowned artists including Josh Groban and George Canyon. Stamp has toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and United Kingdom with groups such as Fiddlers GF and Calgary Fiddlers. His musical style ranges from classical to Celtic and folk to pop.”

Booking Contact: Darcy Stamp –

Garth Prince

Their world music community has grown beyond just their band members to African music enthusiasts of all ages, and Garth now teaches African music workshops in schools across Alberta”

Booking Contact: Don Coleman –

Hillsburn *

Hillsburn is a powerhouse. Their songs are timeless, their sound every bit as anthemic as Florence + The Machine’s, but with soaring three-part harmonies thrown in for good measure.”

Booking Contact: Nigel Jenkins –

Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert, is a family singer/songwriter/performer, author, and outstanding Canadian artist in the children’s entertainment field.”

Booking Contact: Mary Lambert –

Peter & Mary

Want some fun? With live music (mostly original), loads of interaction with children in the audience, plus ventriloquist puppets and magic, the performances of Peter & Mary have taken them to many Children’s Festivals and literally hundreds of schools and special events across Canada and the U.S., as well as other parts of the world.”

Booking Contact: Peter Jansen –

Peter Lenton aka Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales!

Puffin Productions represents Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales (the concert act), and Peter Lenton:  the award winning educator, and internationally acclaimed family entertainer who uses music to celebrate caring for the environment and each other, community building, and the wonderful world we live in!”

Booking Contact: Peter Lenton –

Randy and Rai Smith

Randy and Rai are a husband and wife duo whose singin’, songwritin’, storytellin’, with a little bit of crazy mixed in, sets them apart from other entertainers.  Their soul desire is to connect with audiences through song and story, which are mostly all true.”

Booking Contact: Randy or Rai Smith –

The Blues Berries

The Blues Berries perform throughout Canada spreading their love for the blues to the younger generation. Their unique approach takes children’s topics such as learning the alphabet, recycling, and bullying and blends them with bluesy beats to create educational songs that every child can get down and boogie to.”

Booking Contact: Kim The –

Will Stroet and the Backyard Band * (B)

JUNO nominee Will Stroet, the star of the TV series Will’s Jams on CBC Kids and Kidoodle.TV, inspires kids to be active, healthy, creative and engaged in the world through educational music in English and French.”

Booking Contact: Kim The –


Dustin Anderson, aka The Purple Pirate *

Dustin Anderson, a.k.a the Purple Pirate is an award-winning Children’s Performer whose career has taken him across the country & around the globe.”

Booking Contact: Farah Nazarali –

Les Bucherons (B)

Over 1 million Canadian students in 35 years have experienced Les Bûcherons’ lively, interactive and FUN presentations that showcase their love and appreciation for Canadian History, French Canadian Culture and the environment.”

Booking Contact: Estelle Dubé-Parent –

Quest Theatre

Quest Theatre nurtures young people through exceptional adventures in theatre. We are a theatre for young audience company based in Calgary that has been performing all over Alberta since 1984.”

Booking Contact: Jennica Grienke –

Story Theatre

Story Theatre Company is a registered non-profit society with a mandate to create productions for young people that enhance and complement learning experiences in schools. We use the familiar content and style of folk tales, fables, and classic literature, as theatrical vehicles to promote literacy and social responsibility.”

Booking Contact: Patricia O’Brien –


Sun.Ergos (Greek meaning “working together”) is a unique, professional, two-man company of theatre and dance, touring nationally and internationally as cultural ambassadors to urban and rural communities.”

Booking Contact: The Walter Moke Arts Agency –

Rooney and Punyi Educational Theatre

Recipients 2013 Mayor’s Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award, this is educational theatre at its best! Touring Canadian schools and communities with HISTORY, ENVIRONMENT, LITERACY shows & Performing Arts Residencies.”

Booking Contact: Maureen Rooney –

Flyin’ Bob Entertainment

From the balance of a peacock feather on his nose, to the rainbow skywriter, to the spectacular and nearly disastrous high-wire walk, Flyin’ Bob takes your students on a one hour search for balance.”

Booking Contact: Bob Palmer –

Amazing Smile Makers, Isabelle Cliche, Isabelle la Wonderful (B)

I am a multidisciplinary artist that combines comedy, magic and balloon art all through my shows. With over 20 years of experience and training in the children entertainment industry as a clown, a magician, a balloon artist and artistic face painter, I sure can provide a unique experience.”

Booking Contact: Isabelle Cliche –

Marc Tardif, “Le magicien” (“The magician”) * (B)

…has traveled in all Canadian provinces, the United States and France to present more than 5000 thematic magic shows, keynotes and workshops. Themes have included success and self-realization, vision and goals, self-esteem, language and communication skills and many others.”

Booking Contact: Marc Tardif –

Mary Kingsley

Mary Kingsley can be seen at many events with her plethora of ventriloquist puppets, roving through the crowd or greeting visitors to any special function, guaranteed to raise a smile and lift the spirits of all who meet her.”

Booking Contact: Peter Jansen –

Motivational Magic with Steve Harmer

… combines his skills as a professional educator with skills as a professional performer, using magic and juggling, to deliver powerful messages that have impacted kids in over 4000 schools across Western Canada.  Because Steve knows kids, schools and curriculum, he captures the hearts and heads of his audiences with 10 different educational shows!”

Booking Contact: Steve Harmer –

In the spirit of maintaining this directory, you can find listings below from artists that are not members of the Arts Touring Alliance. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of these listings, but we do welcome any input to help us improve the quality and accuracy of the Young Audience Directory.

3rd Street Beat (B)
Citie Ballet (B)
Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
Global eXpression Dance Studio
Kinetic Bodies by Ballet North
Mile Zero Dance
Teddy Anderson *
Tradansa (B)

G.C. McRae
Gail de Vos
Joan Marie Galat
Kathy Jessup
Lana Skauge
Marty Chan

Alex Mahe (B)
Dan the One Man Band (B)
Infinitus *
Jacky Essombe* (B)
Ma Fletcher (B)
Michael Mitchell *
One World Drum Co.
Paula Roberts
Sheesham & Lotus *

Axis Theatre Company
Concrete Theatre
Dramatic Learning
Dufflebag Theatre * (B)
Evergreen Theatre
Faustwork Mask Theatre * (B)
Green Fools Theatre
Kaybridge Puppets
Kompany Family Theatre
New West Theatre
Rapidfire Theatre
Shawn Kinley
Theatre Prospero
Trickster Theatre (B)
W.P. Puppet Theatre

Christy Clown & Friends
Mr. Fish *
National Stiltwalkers of Canada
Sand Northrup * (B)

mtset productions ltd. (B)

Lorna Bennett
Carole Bondaroff (B)
Debra Bryan
Clay For Kids (B)
Adrienne Shymansky Jenkins
Stan Phelps (B)
Tanya Klimp – Black Artifex