Contact: Dave Johnston
Phone: 780-901-2161
Booth: 16

Confusionaires is a world-class rock & roll band that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what rockabilly and country music can be. Appealing to both purists and the rebels, the sound of Confusionaires transcends generational boundaries, filling dance floors and turntables, and engaging fans from ages 8 to 80.
Since the inception of Confusionaires in 2017, the trio have focused heavily on live performances throughout western Canada, earning their place as both festival darlings and as a must-see live act with three album releases of their own.
Now, Confusionaires have developed a new show that showcases the musical achievements of musical hero, Buddy Holly, and the affect he’s had on their original music over 6 decades later. Confusionaires offers a 1-hour set entirely of Buddy Holly’s music followed by a second set of lively cover material all from that burgeoning rock and roll era.