Blue Dawn Quartet

Contact: Po Yeh
Phone: 403-862-2954
Booth: 11

The Blue Dawn Quartet showcase that simplest and most ancient of instruments – the human voice. Singers Kimberley Lynch, Meagan Zantingh, Alexandra Asher, and Rona Nadler draw you into a captivating performance celebrating the works of women composers and poets.
The a cappella program is a luminous intertwining of verse and voice that spans centuries and styles. Selections vary from the stark and sensual words of medieval poet, Beatriz de Dia, through the charm of Margaret Deland’s flower songs, to American poet, Collette Inez’s reflective “Collette’s Heirlooms.” The highlight is Rona Nadler’s original setting of Yiddish poems by Kadya Molodowsky.
Open your senses to this richly textured soundscape, buoyed by the personal warmth and chemistry of four exceptional vocalists.