Alberta Showcase

Jory Kinjo
Mocking Shadows
3216 34th Ave SW
Calgary, AB T3E0Z2 Canada

Phone: 403-816-4209

Mocking Shadows

Mocking Shadows is a band that has always been about delivering a high energy, danceable, enjoyable show for music fans of all ages and they deliver.

We believe that soul music makes people happy. It moves people to dance and shout and clap their hands. A Mocking Shadows show is one that connects every single person in the room through a contagious, joyous energy. When we see people under the age of 5 and over the age of 70 on our dance floors at the same time, we know we have done our job. We have a timeless show and create timeless music. People will always love soul music when it’s delivered sincerely and performed as it was always meant to be.