Alberta Showcase

Alixandra Cowman
206 2505 24 St NW
Calgary, AB T2M 4X6 Canada

Phone: 403-837-8770

Emerging Artist: Alixandra Cowman

I play country and folk music because I have always been in love with beautiful stacked harmonies; simple, yet soaring melodic lines; and heartfelt songs about love, longing, and loss. My songs are a love note to the beautiful Alberta landscape I grew up in.

With a background in theatre, I place a strong focus on the performance aspect of my shows. Storytelling is an incredibly important part of art. I demonstrate my strong skills in telling stories through my banter before songs, and within the songs themselves.

Each song is like it’s own one-act play, and whether I am acting as the narrator, the fly on the wall, or the main character, I promise to take the audience on a journey they won’t soon forget.