Alberta Showcase

Alex Pangman
89 Mitchell Avenue
Toronto, ON M6J 1C1 Canada

Phone: (416) 834-6173

Alex Pangman

I love singing swing music from the 1930s because of it’s melodic & lyrical songwriting, which is so full of energy & encompasses all emotions from sorrow, to celebration! The genre is also a great vehicle for the band to show their personalities through soloing & interplay. You’ll see a goodly helping of showmanship (it’s show biz baby!), dynamic changes in tempo & mood, & we’ll get the audience tapping their toes to catchy tunes & infectious rhythms. In my musical world, hot tunes flow “like bathtub gin in a back-alley speakeasy”. Roaring through a repertoire of vintage swing & blues & inspired by the coltish spirit of a young Ella Fitzgerald, I sing this music with my heart on my sleeve, with respect, my own voice, and yes, some sass.