Alberta Showcase

Kim Stadelmann
Edmonton, AB

Phone: 780-991-2160

Accidental Humour Co.

Accidental Humour Co. is an Edmonton-based theatre group made up of creators from across Alberta. Since 2009 they have been creating and touring original throughout the province. They blend cinema-style video projection with live-action performance to create a seamless, choreographed blend.

Accidental Humour Co. newest production, The Flying Detective, is a fantastical and fast-paced theatrical adaptation of the first aerial police pursuit in Canadian history. Filled with incredible video projections, a hilarious cast of characters, and magical stage choreography, this is a true Canadian adventure brought to life.

August 30th, 1919. In Edmonton, Alberta a young police officer is shot and killed in the line of duty. The murderer escapes by rail to the remote village of Edson. With a two-day head start, the Edmonton Police have no chance of catching him… until they recruit one of the most famous pilots in Canadian aviation history: Wilfrid “Wop” May.