July 7, 2023

Retirement Announcement of Alan Roberts

Sent on behalf of Fred Russell, Vice President Strategy and Business Transformation, Keyano College, Fort McMurray


Please be advised that effective today, Eugene Carnegie has been seconded to the role of Director – Keyano College Theatre and Arts Centre. The current Director, Alan Roberts, has recently announced his retirement effective July 28th, 2023. The following weeks will allow for a transition period within the roles. I want to congratulate Eugene on his appointment and wish my heartfelt congratulations to Alan on embarking on this new stage of his life.

Alan has been an incredible asset to us all and the community. He came to Keyano Theatre to stage manage the production of Baby in August of 1988. Since then, he has worked in the roles of Technician, Technical Director, Production Manager and finally the Director, Theatre & Arts Centre. He is one of the few people still working in the college who remember what it looked like before the construction of the Arts Centre in 1990!

Alan has given 35 years of passion for community theatre, dedication to supporting artists and positive experiences for audiences. Alan is proud of The Keyano Summer Youth Intensive-Drama Force program which is head into its 9th successful year this August.  But his energy and talents went beyond the walls of Keyano:

Alan was a founding member of interPLAY and managed all technical setups for most of its operations.  He was involved with many of the high school productions for several years at Father Mercredi and Westwood and other theatre companies around Fort McMurray.   Alan is always willing to offer advice and support to anyone in the community regarding technical production. Many staff members and artists Alan has helped train and mentor over the years have become great leaders in their own right due in part to Alan’s example.

After being awarded a Buffy’s Lifetime Achievement Award and a Heart of Wood Buffalo, among many other accolades, Alan still has much excitement and energy that he wishes to give back to Fort McMurray. Kudos on 35 years of incredible work and many more amazing accomplishments still to come!