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The Young Audience Directory is a free directory comprised of Performing Artists and Artists in Residency.

If you are a school, community presenter, festival or library looking for Artists, you’ll want to check out this directory.

*      Denotes out-of-province artist touring in Alberta
(B)  Denotes bilingual artist (French / English)

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Includes Performance Artists & Artists in Residence


3rd Street Beat (B)
Axé Capoeira * (B)
Citie Ballet (B)
Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
Global eXpression Dance Studio
Kinetic Bodies by Ballet North
Mile Zero Dance
No More Excuses
Sound Kreations Inc. (B)
Teddy Anderson
Tradansa (B)
Three Left Feet Movement Creations (B)

Literary Arts

ARC Communication Strategies *
G.C. McRae
Gail de Vos
Joan Marie Galat
Kathy Jessup
Lana Skauge
Lyle Weis
Marty Chan
Renee Englot
SwanSong StoryTelling – Denise Miller


Alex Mahe (B)
Clinton Pelletier (B)
Dan the One Man Band (B)
Ernestine Hatpin Show *
Garth Prince
Infinitus *
Jacky Essombe* (B)
Lesley Schatz
Le Moulin a Musique
Ma Fletcher (B)
Marie-Josée Quimet (B)
Mary Lambert
Michael Mitchell *
One World Drum Co.
Paula Roberts
Peter and Mary
Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales
Phyllis Wheaton
Sheesham & Lotus *
Will Stroet * (B)


Axis Theatre Company
Centre Stage Theatre
Concrete Theatre
Dramatic Learning
Dufflebag Theatre * (B)
Dustin Anderson *
Evergreen Theatre
Faustwork Mask Theatre * (B)
Figura Theatre – Peter and the Wolf * (B)
Green Fools Theatre
Kaybridge Puppets
Kompany Family Theatre
Les Bucherons (B)
Monster Theatre – Mini Masterpieces *
Motivational Magic
Motus O Dance Theatre – Circus Terrifico *
New West Theatre
Rapidfire Theatre
Quest Theatre
Rooney & Punyi: Educational Theatre Productions
Shawn Kinley
Story Theatre *
A Company of Theatre and Dance (B)
Theatre Prospero
Trickster Theatre (B)
W.P. Puppet Theatre


Christy Clown & Friends
Flyin’ Bob: Be the Circus! – Comedy Variety Show for Schools
Li Liu *
Major Conrad Flapps *
Motivational Magic with Steve Harmer
Mr. Fish *
National Stiltwalkers of Canada
Sand Northrup * (B)
Val Hilliker Comedy Ventriloquist

Video / Media

mtset productions ltd. (B)
Richard Zywotkiewicz

Visual Arts

Lorna Bennett
Carole Bondaroff (B)
Donna Boomer – Magical MaskerAid
Karen Blanchet (B)
Debra Bryan
Clay For Kids (B)
Adrienne Shymansky Jenkins
Marci McAdam
Stan Phelps (B)
Tanya Klimp – Black Artifex