Reminder: Membership Renewals

We sent out a slew of 30-Day Notices recently and want to just remind everyone:

Membership Rates Have Increased

We published a notice of the Membership Rate Increase on February 26, 2018:

Membership Renewal Anniversary

If your membership has been ongoing (prior to December 2017), your membership renewal anniversary is April 1st.

If you are a new or returning member, your membership renewal anniversary is the same as the date you sign up.

Membership Renewal Invoicing is Automated.

What does that mean? We do not manually make and mail out invoices. Your invoice is being sent directly by our website servers and not from an email account, which means the notification for renewal could be blocked by your spam filters. However, the invoice is still generated as a renewal order in your account.

Also, it is super important that you keep us up-to-date with a valid email address for billing. Billing contact information is not made public, so we won’t tell anyone you have a funny email address.

Membership Renewal Payments are NOT Automated.

What does that mean? We do not charge credit cards or PayPal accounts without you initiating the transaction. Whether you pay by cheque, credit card, or carrier pigeon, you have to actively process your payment for membership to be renewed.