In Memory of Lawrie Seligman

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of Lawrie Seligman. Lawrie worked at Horizon Stage and the City of Spruce Grove for 14 years, first as Theatre Manager, then Director of Cultural Services.

Lawrie started as a student actor and director at the University of Toronto, then moved on to study film at Boston University. He began his professional life as a film editor at the National Film Board in Montreal before returning to Toronto to continue working in live theatre. When he first came to Edmonton, he worked at the Citadel Theatre.

Soon after, Lawrie was invited to Vancouver to train with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He worked as producer of radio drama at CBC Edmonton, studied television production at the BBC in London, England, then came back to Alberta with CBC Calgary. For the next ten years, Lawrie directed at theatres and opera companies across the country. He settled in for a spell at Kelowna, BC where he was Artistic Director and General Manager of Sunshine Theatre.

From 2000 – 2014, Lawrie worked at Horizon Stage and the City of Spruce Grove. He was tireless in his resolve to introduce his audiences to a wide variety of artists. He firmly believed that great talent should be accessible in all regions, and that with a little creativity, we could achieve great things. Lawrie will be missed, loved, and remembered for his contribution not only to our work, but to our lives. We are better people for having known him.

A Gathering for Lawrie

Wednesday, September 207:009:00pm
Horizon Stage, 1001 Calahoo Road, Spruce Grove, AB

Any questions can be directed to Brandi Wurtz, Theatre Manager – Horizon Stage
780-962-7634 ext 114 |