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Alberta Showcase 2015 | October 23 – 25, 2015

Shell Theatre, Dow Centennial Centre | Fort Saskatchewan, AB

October 23 – 25, 2015 
Shell Theatre, Dow Centennial Centre | *Fort Saskatchewan, AB


Alberta Showcase 2015

What is Alberta Showcase?

Shell TheatrePerforming artists need live audiences.

Presenters need artists for their audiences. Presenters do not always have the opportunity to see artists from other parts of the province or the country.

That’s where Alberta Showcase comes in.

Each year Alberta Showcase brings together presenters, performers and promoters for one jam-packed weekend of live performance, networking, and professional development. This explosive event allows presenters and promoters to see performances before they book the artists.

Over 40 artists will perform excerpts of their best work in a variety of settings throughout the weekend. You will have the opportunity to meet these artists in our Contact Room, a trade fair where business and art mingle.

Come join us for a weekend that will fuel your excitement for the performing arts in Alberta.

Special Thanks

Bobby Smale|

Cigar Box Guitars

Bobby Smale: The Guitar Project

I am a freelance sound designer and technician based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

I have always loved music and this project has been a way for me to experiment with acoustics and sonic design. The necks and details on the instruments are all custom carved and many of the parts are repurposed or rebuilt, such as the guitar pick-ups from reclaimed wire and magnets out of a computer hard drive.

I’ve built several different stringed instruments and with each one I attempt to mimic a different type or style. All of my creations are playable and I try to play them as often as I can.

“Sonnet”, a six-string classical style cigar box guitar, is featured on the Alberta Showcase 2015 promotional materials.

Cigar Box Guitar Cigar Box Guitar Cigar Box Guitar Cigar Box Guitar Cigar Box Guitar Cigar Box Guitar
Click to view larger image | Photo credit: Ed Ellis

Resource Team

The R-Team is available for one-on-one meetings to give you information in areas that are important to you. The R-Team members are knowledgeable and well-seasoned.

Topics include AFA grants, marketing, capital fundraising, or your choice — let us know if there is an area in which you would like guidance and we will find the right resource person for you.

Appointment sign-up sheets are available at the registration office.

Feedback Wanted

We are keenly aware that artists are coming to Showcase at great personal expense. The relationship between presenters and artists needs to be honest and direct. Many presenters did not like completing the feedback forms – but many artists feel that they miss the feedback.

To solve this, we are recruiting a team of presenters for each Showcase – who will be responsible for capturing comments and notes for the artists – both positive and negative.

If you are interested, please contact the office: | 780-644-4840

“Stage North brought a number of people to Showcase and our volunteer morale went through the roof — it allows volunteers to get more involved. We learn a lot from other presenters and we hear tons of good music.” –Stage North, Slave Lake

*Avoid Edmonton city traffic:

  • Heading north on Hwy. 2:
    • Exit onto Hwy. 625 East  [just north of Edmonton International Airport]
    • Exit onto Hwy. 21 North

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